Fundamentals of Skin Care Series – Toner –

I’ve discussed toner on the blog before, and my opinion hasn’t changed that much. you can check out that blog post ——-> here

Toner are an excellent and useful delivery method for some types of skin care ‘medications’ but it isn’t an absolute need. *shrug* but I have tried a number of them and enjoyed them for sure and some ppl just like the feel of toners over those of serums.

Let me just say again, that a toner is not meant to clean your face, that is what your cleanser is for! However I have noticed that a number of persons use Misellar waters (discussed here ) as a toner. The Miscellar waters are meant to be cleansers in their own right so I wouldn’t use them with a traditional cleanser but maybe on their own when you don’t have access to water, or using water and a traditional cleanser would be in convenient.

Toners can generally be separated into two categories.

Moisturising toners and Exfoliating/ oil reducing / astringent   toners.

  • Moisturising toners tend to include ingredients like aloe, rose water, chamomile and glycerinThese types are generally safe to use as often as you like, depending on your tolerance for how greasy/ moisturised your skin can become. Persons with oily skin may probably prefer to use these as part of their night routines rather than as part of their day time routine. ( Very few people really want to walk around looking like a greasy fish cake / fritter ). There don’t seem to be many of these on the market unfortunately.

    A really easy and skin calming moisturising DIY toner is 1 part glycerin (found  in most pharmacies) to 9 parts aloe juice (found in most health food stores.)

  • Exfoliating / astringents toners are more likely to include acids like salicylic acid, glycolic acids  or witch hazel.  These are the ones persons with oily acne prone skin are more likely to use.
    While exfoliating / oil reduction toners can be very useful for cleaning deep into the pores for those of us with acne prone skin. I think all skin types should be very cautious of these. Because the primary ingredients are drying religiously using these toners twice a day can be a bit much for most skins. I would say use at most once a day, morning or night and monitor your skin. Remember your skin is seasonal (I said that here ) so your skin will get drier and oilier depending on your body and your surroundings. Some oily skins can probably go several days without toner (like me ) with absolutely no adverse effects.
    A readily available drugstore option is the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner.


Because I have oily skin that tends to be acne prone  I prefer to use toners with salicylic acid but, because I also use other products with exfoliating properties I don’t use toner every day because my sin would become super dry!

I tend to follow a 2-2 ratio as it relates to exfoliating products. If my cleanser (1) has in exfoliating ingredients and my toner (2) has exfoliating ingredients my moisturisers(3)  and serums (4)  will not include exfoliating ingredients.

If my cleanser has in no exfoliating actives then I will use a toner with exfoliating actives and a serum with exfoliating actives but my moisturiser will not have in these actives.

And sometimes I just skip my toners and / or my serums! I can use other products for delivery of my exfoliation or  simply don’t exfoliate.

So I still don’t think toners are a must do every day but it is a convenient and often cost effective way of dealing with some of our skin issues.

See you next Friday

P.S I know I introduced a lot of new terms (for this series ) in the blog like serums, exfoliators etc, all of them will be covered in the coming weeks.





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