Review – Black Up’s *new* Mattifying Foundation

Now it’s no secret that I ‘stan’ for black UP cosmetics. I love almost all of their products and especially their foundation products.

When I was first introduced to them the Black UP Fluid Foundation was my ‘GOAT’ (ie Greatest of All Time). You can check out my review here in this older blogpost. where I talked bout it all the way back in 2012. 123889982899

You know that feeling when you have a product you will be faithful to forever more? That was the Black UP Fluid Foundation for me and then Black UP  discontinued that formulation. I’m not even going to act like I wasn’t a little mad about it.

In,steps Black UP with the Mattifying Foundation. This formulation has actually been around for more than a year at this stage so it’s not super new, but it was new to me when I picked it up last year.

First things first, your match in the old fluid formulation is not your match in the Mattifying Foundation. The new formulation seems to run a little more red/orange based which could present a challenge for those getting matched. Black Up is committed to providing a wide variety of shades for women with dark skin and provide 18 shades to choose from.

The finish of the foundation is definitely more matte than the Fluid foundation but it also isn’t super-duper matte that you look like you would be auditioning for dawn of the dead (casket Fresh! )

The matte finish is ideal for my oily skin, dryer skins may feel differently. I do use this foundation with out a mattifying primer to prevent it looking too cakey (which is unusual for me). Black UP actually recommends you skip the mattifying primer and use their luminiser with this foundation and I agree.

There are two things that remain unchanged with this foundation, it is still super long wearing and transfer resistant. This foundation takes tme through my work day, into ,my after work exercise routines and beyond.

It applies very easily across the skin, but you must work quickly as it does set relatively quickly.

I do think the coverage builds to a full coverage more easily than the previous version. I can apply a thin layer to my face and then go back to my dark spots and build the coverage very easily!

All in all once I was able to find my match, I was pleased with the Black UP Mattifying Foundation. It’s only been about 7 months since I have started using it, but it’s well on it’s way to becoming my new GOAT!

Black Up still remains my favourite foundation to date.

P.S We received a comment on which tool I use to apply this product. I definitely prefer to use brushes for this foundation rather than sponges as I find sponges soak up too much of the foundation and gives a more cakey finish.

I test all foundations with a powder unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for the question Lasonta!

Have you tried it? Do you have a Black UP counter where you live?

What are your thoughts?


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5 comments on “Review – Black Up’s *new* Mattifying Foundation
  1. hi, i’m a makeup beginner and have never tried this brand before. Do you think this product is best applied with a brush or the beauty blender? Also, you mentioned skipping the mattifying primer did you use a oil blocking powder to set it or u just used the foundation alone?

    • Hi Lasonta,

      I prefer to use a brush. part of that is personal preference and the other is that I find sponges soak the moisture out of this already matte foundation making it look even more dry.

      I do use an oil bloccking powder with this foundation, but, very very lightly applied with a brush.

      I hope that helped.

  2. Pauline says:

    can you do a swatch of the shade that you have?

  3. […] enough, although Black Up complexion products (check out some reviews here and here )  have been getting a reasonable amount of hype, (especially with their addition to […]

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