Prepping your lips for lipstick especially Matte formulas. – Reader’s question

Dear Bajan Beauty Blogger

My lipstick cakes up sometimes, especially the matte ones. It gets dry and then there are little clumps.


Chapped in Barbados




Dear Chapped in Barbados

Lipsticks can be unforgiving on the lips, especially matte formulas! Matte formulas are by definition much dryer than other lipsticks.  Keeping this in mind means you need to make sure your lips are in tip top shape before even thinking about applying the lipsticks.

1. Drink water. I know this is such a cliche, but it’s a cliche because it’s true! Your body needs to be hydrated from the inside. I know there are all types of recommendations on how much water you should drink, but my personal thought process is that you should aim for somewhere around 1.5 litres a day and more if you are an active person.

2. Add Exfoliation of your lips to your night time skincare routine.  By adding exfoliation to your night time routine  you make sure your lips are always lipstick ready when ever a lipstick wearing oppurtunity arises.

An easy recipe for an exfoliating lip scrub is 1 teaspoon of sugar, with a few drops of olive oil. Using the olive oil helps make the scrubbing action just a little more gentle. I

If you aren’t the DIY type you can check out ELF’s lip scrub (available at Imarts and Get Set  Beauty in Barbados) or a high end version of Ilia Balmy Nights Exfoliator from Pure Source Barbados.


Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb lipstick approximately 2 hours after application and eating. Dried down to matte texture with minimal fading and no flaking.

3. Use night time to over dose on the lip moisturiser or lip balms.  Go to sleep slathered in your lip balm, oil or moisturiser of choice.

4. Always apply your lipbalm of choice before using your lipstick. Don’t apply your lipstick immediately though. finish your other makeup and then come back to your lips. If it is still greasy, dab it just a little with tissue until it’s tacky and then apply your lipstick.


Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb immediately after application. It shows a little sheen from the still tacky lip balm underneath


5. Apply your lipstick in thin layers, but don’t allow the layers to dry between application. If you let them dry between layers, smooth layering can get difficult and result in patchy application.


Your matte lipsticks will have a slight sheen immediately after application but will dry down to their true matte formula with in minutes and you should have a  smooth, dry but not parched, or cracking lipstick for the day.





Until next time.


Thanks for the question Ria.




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