Fundamentals of Skin Care – Moisturiser (including facial oils)


Loreal Silky sheer in SPF

Moisturiser has always been  a skin care product that I have been conflicted about. If you have oily skin like I do, it just seems counterintuitive to add more moisture to your already ‘greasy’ face. I actually became committed to moisturiser because of my commitment to using sunscreen daily.

I talk about sunscreens in these blog posts here and here.

However I’ve slowly come around to the decision that I need moisturiser, whether it is delivered by my sunscreen or a separate product. That doesn’t mean any old moisturiser will do. As I noted in the first post in this series. your skin is seasonal so different moisturisers will serve different purpose at different times.


MAC Oil Control Lotion – An excellent gel moisturiser for oily skin

With my daily moisturiser, if I feel the need to layer a moisturiser under my sunscreen, I’m on the look out for light water based gel formulations. I have oily skin so formulations heavy in oils or gylcerin could make my already oily skin resemble a frying pan.

If you have Dry skin  look for formulas that are heavier, and definitely consider facial oils. Argan Oil has been all the rage for some time and there is ver good reason for that. It boosts skins moisture levels, by sealing it against outside elements has very little propensity to clog pores plus it delivers high quantities of vitamin e to the skin.argan_glow_30ml

Well formulated facial oils are also fantastic for oily skins as daily moisturisers such as the Argan Glow from the Morroccan Naturals line. A well formulated facial oil can be worn on the face with out sabotaging your makeup or making you look like a total greasy frying pan.




When it comes to night time moisturizer, my motto is the heavier, the oilier, the better. Your skin replenishes itself during sleep, and its an opportunity to pack all the nutrients into your skin with out having to worry about the superficial appearance of the skin during the day.
Heavier face oils and night creams rich in your choice of active ingredients are the key here.
Of course this is even more important for dryer skins than oily skins. But oily skins that use a lot of mattifying agents during the day or drying acne medications should definitely go hard on moisture at night.
Ren Night CreamRen’s Frankincense moisturiser has been a staple for some time. It is fantastic at calming and moisturizing sensitive skin and includes moisturising powerhouses like shea butter.
Now is the time to seal the skin with your oil of choice, grape seed oil, jojoba oil etc.

If you’re scared of possible break outs from oil, go slowly at first, and assess your skin. Rotate the oils into your routine every other night rather than every night and see how it goes.

What’s your favourite moisturizer? Have you tried facial oils before?


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2 comments on “Fundamentals of Skin Care – Moisturiser (including facial oils)
  1. stiab3 says:

    Oil in serum at night; night cream in the day.

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