MAC ‘s Sin vs Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb and a couple reasons to avoid your malicious macocious aunty

So I was busy trolling the blogs recently for new MAC limited edition releases. Purely from idle curiosity since I no longer buy limited edition makeup.

And I told you why here…

And I realized MAC is repromoting one of their lipsticks from the permanent line called Sin in  their new limited collection called Isabel and Ruben Toledowpid-wp-1423509326296.jpeg

I’ve owned Sin for a while. It’s one  of my go to colours for a deep vamp lip. And quite bite accident I stumbled across a much cheaper dupe in Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb.

Both colors are a deep deep blood red  that have the tendency to pull just a little bit brown on me.

They are both a matte finish which gives you very long lasting wear and have the tendency to suck the moisture from your lips.

Which doesn’t mean there aren’t differences.wpid-wp-1423509310760.jpeg

1. Cherry Bomb wears just a little patchier and with less coverage on my lip than Sin. But only your malicious and bad mind aunty would care about that.

2. Cherry bomb leans just the slightly    bit more burgundy than Sin but again, just avoid that malicious Aunty and you should be fine.

3. Cherry bomb is actually leans a bit more semi matte on initial application than Sin which leans closer to a true matte, but after a couple minutes no one would be able to tell the difference

4. Cherry bomb also moves around on my lip a bit more than sin, so I may find it having migrated just a millimeter out of my lip line. Probably be cause it isn’t quite as matte as sin.

5. And of course cherry bomb is less than 1/3 of the price of Sin in Barbados averaging at around 10-12 BBD dollars compared to MAC’s 36 dollars (if you get it duty free).

Every photo shown here shows the wet n Wild Cherry Bomb on one side of  the mouth and MAC Sin on the other. wpid-img_20150209_082914022.jpg


I took mwpid-img_20150209_144621599.jpgultiple photos in different lighting to offer the most complete viewing of the similarities. Bet you can’t tell me which is which?

Bottom line if you were thinking of getting Sin from MAC, Wet n Wild’s Cherry Bomb is a really decent alternative. One might even say it was a dupe!.

Do you own either of these lipsticks?

What were your thoughts?

What do you think? Dupe? or Nah?

I’m not the only one with a malicious macocious aunty right?

P.S. Malicious as used in Bajan dialect means overly inquisitive as does Macocious in Trinidadian dialect.



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4 comments on “MAC ‘s Sin vs Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb and a couple reasons to avoid your malicious macocious aunty
  1. 1reddiva83 says:

    I see your point but I have already invested in MAC sin. When I was growing up and even now some of the people I know would not wear a drugstore brand like that. Now, I am in love with NYX. I really cant tell the difference in the pictures but it looks great on you

    • MAC Sin is still a good investment in my eyes, but I think it’s awesome to have a drugstore brand alternative.
      I know there can be a real bias against cheaper cosmetics but every thing has a market. What isn’t for one person will be plenty for someone else.

      • 1reddiva83 says:

        I agree there is a market for everyone but paying for lipstick that you don’t wear everyday and seeing cheaper alternatives is making me wanna come to the cheap side. Save some coin

  2. […] matte and retro matte formula and I enjoy the drugstore Wet n Wild MegaLast formula (see comparison review here) , Black UP’s matte formula is also fantastic, and NYX’s matte lip creams aren’t […]

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