How to get the most out of your manicure. – Reader’s question

Dear BajanBeautyBlogger

How do you get your your nail colour and manicure to last? My nail polish doesn’t last more than a day!

Regards Nearly Nailed

Dear Nearly Nailed

How long your manicure lasts depends a lot on how often and how you use your nails,, but I do think there are some fairly solid tips that can help you get the most out of your manicure.

1- Clean your nails.Chip Skip

One of the most basic reasons for fast chipping of nail polishes, is that nails still have oils from skin or hand products when you begin your manicure. You can also rub alcohol over the nail, or acetone The easiest thing to do is to wash and dry your hands with your general every day hand soap before you polish your nails.You can also rub alcohol over the nail, or pure acetone to remove any excess residue from the nails. OPI also makes a product called CHIP SKIP (available at Bio Beauty, Cave Shepherd and Mosaic) . It is NOT a base coat, just a formula to dehydrate the surface of the nails so that any excess oils are moisture are discarded.  Just in case you want to be fancy. Butter London Foundation

2. All about that base! (no trouble??

You need a base coat. And to be frank you don’t need just any kind of base coat, you need a matte, rubberized or sticky base coat. Orly Bonder The ‘glossy’ base coats don’t grip your nail colours and can sometimes make the colours a little more streaky. Matte or sticky base coats grip your polish and help them stay for much longer. I’ve tried a number of them. Including the Orly Rubberized base coat (available at IMarts across BarbaCND Stickeydos ) which I reviewed here . Some others that are worth checking out are the CND Sticky Base Coat (available at Bio Beauty, Coconut Walk), Butter London Foundation Base Coat (Available at Urban Corner, Lanterns), and Nail Tek Foundation ii (also available at Bio Beauty). imagesI’ve tried and I like all of these. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do full reviews of each but they are all good and I rotate them for slightly different reasons.

3. Thinner is better! when it comes to nail lacquer

Apply your nail polish in thin coats to your nail. I find that when you apply thicker layers to the nail they don’t dry thoroughly right down to the base. So you are better off layering thinly onto the nail polish with a few minutes drying time between the 2-3 layers to allow for full drying and full opacity of the colours. I’m not a big fan of polishes that need a million coats to be opaque, unless the colour is specifically marketed to be sheer. So how long this particular step takes may depend significantly on the quality of your polish. I don’t have a lot of nail polish reviews on my blog but you can find the ones I do have here.

4. Dry it quickly.

I no longer use anything besides quick drying top coats. I need my nails to be ready as soon as possible in order for me to get down to the business of normal life. Seche ViteMy absolute favourite quick drying top coat is the Seche Vite Nail Lacquer. Check out my double take review here . Once you read the review you will see that Seche Vite isn’t for everyone so while it is the fast drying, glossiest top coat I have ever tried, here are some other options that I have had pretty decent experiences with: Out the Door top coat (available from Bio Beauty ) Orly In a Snap (available from IMart).  Of the 3 (three) Orly In a Snap had the slowest drying time but still much faster than your normal nail polish top coat, ORLY in a SNAP My nail laOut The Door Top Coatcquer normally lasts between 4-5 days with some chip wear when I follow these steps and sometimes more.

Below you can see my current nail polish which is currently 4 days old, that included hiking, washing dishes, preparing meals and other general day-to-day stuff like baths and hand washing etc. You can see some tip wear (index finger), but in general they are decent enough shape to go another 2 or three days. image

Thanks  for joining me on my day 2 of recompense.

Check out yesterday’s post on my recent empties, including video! here.

See you tomorrow 🙂

PS. Tomorrows post is on my current favorite moisturizer that snuck its way into my heart and onto my oily skin.


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