When Bad Packaging happens to good Products – Milani Antifeathering Lip liner

The formula on the Milani Antifeathering Lip liner is awesome.

It’s formula is neither moisturizing nor drying, and provides you with the slightly tacky finish which grips lip colours and gives you an easier application for your dryer lipsticks. I’m looking at you mattes)

It primes my lips, and extends the life of my lipstick color.

It helps prevent the ‘traveling’ feathering of my lip color outside of my lip line.

It’s transparent, so it’s suitable for every skin tone.

The price is right at approximately $10 -15 BBD across the island. (which is fantastic when you consider the only other comparable product that is easily accessible on island is MAC lip primer, at around 45 BBD).


BUT and this is a big but.. the packaging is pretty sucky!

Milani decided to package this in a pencil format, which means you have to sharpen it to get to the product and this is where things go awry.

Because the primer is a soft creamy consistency, once you sharpen the product to a point and begin to apply to the lips, it breaks off before you can cover the lip… each and every single time!

So much so I just break it off myself, and go ahead and rub it in with my finger rather than waiting for it to break on it’s own.

In summary: Great product, but I wish Milani would change the packaging.

Would I repurchase? Probably, the price point is pretty unbeatable at this stage. (I’ll probably continue to complain though)

See you next post!


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2 comments on “When Bad Packaging happens to good Products – Milani Antifeathering Lip liner
  1. Is it possible to depot this, for example the way we depot the NYX jumbo eye pencils? Pop off the cap at the back of the pencil and push the product out? I hate sharpening anything. Even if the point doesn’t break off I feel like you lose so much product just by sharpening.

    • The cap on the bottom of the pencil is on pretty securely. Which would normally be a plus, but just makes it more annoying. I suppose you could melt the product, but I’m afraid of how that would alter the texture.

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