Philosophy Resurface the Dual phase Micro Delivery Peel

Since I’ve been turned on to at home peel treatments by Ren , I’ve been trying to broaden my perspective and check out a number of other at home treatments.

I picked up the Philosophy Resurface Dual Phase Micro Delivery Peel from Cave Shepherd when they were having one of their sales last year.

images-4The first phase comprises of a fruity smelling vitamin C/ peptide crystals, which you massage into your face initially. You then add the step 2 which is the lactic  and salycylic acid activating gel.

Essentially what you have then is the effect of manual exfoliation (aka scrubbing) combined with the benefits of the acid peels on your skin.

Philosophy indicates that once the activating gel is added to the crystals on your face you should feel a warming sensation and see some foam. Oddly enough I start to feel the warming sensation immediately after I put the vitamin C formula on to my face and I experience very little foam. I don’t have sensitive skin so it isn’t particularly unpleasant however if you skin is sensitive, keep it in mind.

None of these deviations from their descriptions seem to hamper the efficacy of this product though. My skin was definitely smoother and my pores were more clear.

Personally I find the two step process a bit much when I can get the same results from other products like my Ren Glycolactic peel.

Although I compare it to my Ren Glycolactic Peel, (because they should provide similar results), they are quite different in formulation. Ren GLycolactic Peel also includes enzymes to the process where Philosophy has included a (harsher) scrub component to their formulation.

Would I repurchase? Probably not. I get the same or better results from other one step chemical exfoliators and the price point of this product is comparable to similar products (read: not cheap) which means that I won’t be swayed by the price either.

Who would I recommend it for: Those persons who love a good scrub and still want the efficacy of a chemical scrub.


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