Fundamentals of Skin Care – Serums.

So we’re back. Finally. I know, it’s been a minute since we visited this series so feel free to get up to speed on the previous posts.

So far we have covered:

The Principles




Serums have been some of my biggest game changers in my skin care regime. They deliver results quickly, primarily due to the high concentration of active ingredients.

In terms of texture, think thicker than  liquid toners but much lighter than moisturizers. For that reason they are the step that sits between the toners and the moisturisers. If you put your serum over your moisturiser it will have a difficult time penetrating your skin.

The beauty of the serum is that the active ingredients tend to be super concentrated! Since they are super concentrated, very little of the serum is needed to see results on the skin. Literally 2 – 3 drops is the general prescription when using serums.

The concentration of the active ingredients in the serums also means that they are generally more expensive as well. I suspect this is why there aren’t many serums at the drugstore. supermarket price range. Isn’t that just how life is though? 😦

However if you have any one particularly problematic area I definitely recommend making a serum a staple in your skin care routine.

As with all of the other skin care steps that I have mentioned, serums can address all types of specific concerns such as, hyper pigmentation, dry skin, textured skin, acne , anti aging and all variations in between and beyond. 1869_med_34171

When looking for a serum to address your skin concerns consider the following ingredients – All products recommended are available in Barbados.

Textured/ Acne Prone Skin – Serums high in Alpha Hydroxy Acids

My recommendation: Ren Resurfacing AHA Concentrate available at PureSource Barbados (Surprise Surprise check out the review here!

Anti aging / Wrinkles – Serums with Retinol and Retinol derivatives

My Recommendation – Ren Bio Retinoid Anti Aging Concentrate.images-5

Sallow skin/ Hyperpigmentation – Serums high in Vitamin C

My Recommendations MAC Prep and Prime Brightening Serum and Ren Radiance Perfecting Serum

Dry Skin – Serums high in Hyaluronic Acid –

_8074193My Recommendation – Estee Lauder Night Repair Recovery complex II (available in Cave Shepherd)

Many of these recommendations and serums in general are multipurpose and can give you multiple benefits in one formulation. I say choose one serum based on your biggest concern and stick with that one for the duration. Especially when you consider how pricey this skin care can get.

See you on the next post.

P.S What serums are you using? I’m interested in your recommendations. Let me know your recommendations down below.


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