Take Two series: ELF Studio Powder Brush – Fail

So remember when I gave you my mixed review of this ELF brush? here

Well the Jury is  in. None of my elf studio powder brushes have survived as of April 15, 2015. R.I.P.

One of the two remaining brushes I still had started to massively shed hair, leaving not strands, but clumps! of hair all over my face. Very similar to what I described in the initial review.

The other brush, the one that I mentioned that the head of the brush was loose? Well the head dropped off while I was using it one dabrush-studio-powdery, and before I could reach for the superglue (believe me I would have! ) the brush hairs also detached.

I really wish I had thought to take a photo,

So I’ve decided to give up the ghost on the ELF Studio Powder Brush. I would not repurchase this brush.

Also, when I consider I have cheaper, and less hyped brushes in my collection (Come through CALA!) that have lasted longer than these brushes, I don’t consider these brushes to be worth my time.

I do have one Other ELF studio brush in my collection, the concealer brush, which I have been loving, but based on the experience with the powder brush, I think I’ll just wait and see how long that one lasts before I think about repurchasing.

See you next post.

Bajan Beauty Blogger

P.S the Take Two series is where I give my revised opinion on products I have reviewed previously. Somethimes I learn new things along the way or find more effective ways to use products and I definitely want to share that with my audience.


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One comment on “Take Two series: ELF Studio Powder Brush – Fail
  1. Jarna says:

    I had the total opposite experience. Elf brushes are actually pretty good I think. Sorry about your experience.


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