A handful of things I learnt while dieting…

Your diet is no one else’s business

You are dieting to reach your own goals. Some people may agree or disagree. But it isn’t their business and it doesn’t give them the right to your inner most thoughts on why you are dieting. It definitely doesn’t give them a right to tell you how to do so or if to do so.


My tea is so hipster

When you make your decision to diet consider keeping  it to your self until you are firmly on course.

I’m a firm believer in owning your decisions. Sometimes input from others, though well-meaning may shake your decision process. Make your decision. Set your course, and feel absolutely free to keep it to your self until the right time.

Your diet is no one else’s responsibility but your own.

Don’t go to other people’s special events expecting to be treated uniquely because you are on a diet. Go and enjoy yourself, and prepare your self accordingly or don’t go but send your well wishes along.

Rely on a support system

After all of this emphasis on you owning your decision it seems kind of strange that I would add this. But it’s true. you’re going to need some one you can whine too, some one who is willing to listen, offer helpful suggestions to keep you on track and someone who won’t actively or otherwise attempt to deter you from your goal. Those persons very likely already exist in your circles. Identify them.

Prepare, meal prep, prepare to fail and prepare some more

Preparation is a massive part of dieting success. Preparation will mean different things to different people though.

I chose to prepare my meals weekly aka #mealprep.

Every Sunday I packed my fridge with seven days of meals, 6 meals a day.

As I got more comfortable and understood food better, I only prepped for 5 days of the week. and sometimes for any weekend days that I would be on the road.

The days when I didn’t have meal prepared, I always had easy to cook lean protein on hand and a ton of green vegetables. It had to be easy though, if it wasn’t easy and fast to cook I was asking for trouble.

One thing I came to accept is that no one day on a diet would be the same as it relates to my hunger or appetite. So as I proceeded, I started to plan to fail. My go to plan to fail meal changed over the duration of the prep, but it was almost always a green vegetable. The only exception was tomatoes, which was close enough for me.

When I felt like I needed absolutely needed an extra meal I would pull out my tomatoes/ cucumber/ celery and get going. There was one particularly epic day where I counted that I had eaten almost 2 pounds of cucumber.

Another lesson I learnt as I proceeded was, having some extra meals in the fridge even when you don’t think you need them, will save you more times than you might ever imagine.

Portion size  and counting calories will teach you very quickly what food is worth your time. 

A friend of mine recommended a calorie counting application to me ( big up yuh self Leslie!) and it really is worth it to count calories and look at what foods are ‘worth it’.

Everyone has their preferences, but when I realized that 4 oz of sweet potato was not even equivalent in calorie count to approximately a half cup of quinoa, I was too through with quinoa! A half cup of quinoa doesn’t even scratch my navel much less fill my stomach. I was all about that sweet potato life, more filling and fewer calories.

This of course might be the reverse for other people. Also.. sodas, soft drinks, juices etc.. are rarely worth it for me..neither is alcohol.

Every day my calorie counting application showed me where I was getting the most bang for my buck! Information in calorie counting apps are for the most part submitted by its own users, so go ahead and cross reference the numbers before confirming the food nutrition.

The one I used is myfitnesspal.

My diet plan failed today. Boo hoo.. suck it up buttercup… and move on get back to building your habit

So one day of your diet went badly. Trust me when I tell you that for the most part one day or one meal of ‘failing’ at your diet will not completely put your other 6 days of the week of good habits into the crapper.

Shoot… not even two days.Ask me how I know? GO ahead ask me!

(do not ask me if your name is Lana! Sorry Boo!)

Your habits, what you do most often, are what will determine the success of a diet. not any random off days. Think about that. Think about it again. Re read the section on preparation. and build your habit!

Sometimes it’s okay to plan to give in to the craving and count it

You’ve stuck to the plan, but you still want those Cheetos though! So have them. Buy one single serving bag of Cheetos from the corner store and have them, and read the nutrition label.

Some days  I would read the nutrition label on snacks and just decide.. nah! this really isn’t worth it today. Other days I would  read the label, and I would have me some Cheetos!

Just in case you were wondering 4 oz of sweet potato and a bag of Cheetos are comparable in calories.

The diet I was on was a relatively extreme diet which was oriented towards a very specific goal for stage, but the lessons I learnt have left an indelible mark. and these weren’t even all of the lessons. I definitely look forward to sharing more with you over time.

Until next post.

P.S. sweet potato is life! and also.. cake. 🙂


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