What is the most under hyped item in your makeup collection? -Black UP EyeShadow Palettes

What is the item in your makeup stash that you NEVER hear anyone talking about?

In the age of blogs and youtube and social media hype, it seems as if there are only a select few brands that hit the heights of supreme hype. Whenever you discuss makeup with average users, enthusiasts and professionals alike iits always the same 3-4 products at any one time that everyone is in love with.

Oddly enough, although Black Up complexion products (check out some reviews here and here )  have been getting a reasonable amount of hype, (especially with their addition to select Sephora’s in the United States) I hardly hear anyone speaking about their colour products.

Which is why when I bought my first 5 shadow palette from Black UP I wasn’t expecting to be wowed!

But I was!

The first thing I was impressed with is how well thought out the palettes appeared to be! Each palette has a combination of mattes, metallics and shimmers. Which means you have enough in any one palette to give you a decent day time (minimal shimmer) to an all out night time look.  Super convenient for the average user who wants to cover most of the bases with one palette.

The second thing and the best thing that I love about these palettes. The mattes in these palettes are smooth, blendable, not ashy and not dusty! That’s actually pretty rare for most matte eyeshadows, which have a tendency to be chalky on brown skin tones and very  dusty.

Black UP 5 eyeshadow palette PAL 5 and PAL 1 alongside Black UPs Complexion enhancer.

The shimmers in the palette do give some fall out, but they’re pretty enough, and blend so well that I’m willing to forgive that single transgression.

Black up includes the typical sponge tipped applicator in the palettes for use. I’ll be honest and say that I never use those things, as I much prefer using my makeup brushes, but they can be pressed into use if absolutely necessary.

The packaging is Black Up’s typical sleek black plastic packaging, lightweight and easy to handle,

Black up is a department store/high end brand so the price isn’t the cheapest at around 48USD online. but since they have turned into my go to easy to use palettes, I dare say they are worth the price.

I currently own two and despite the fact that I have so much other makeup, I’m pretty sure I’m going to find a way to make sure I own all of them. No rush though, since these are part of the permanent line from Black UP.

What is your most under rated/ least talked about item in your makeup stash?

Hit me in the comments and let me know

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