From Cheap as chips to Expensive and Dear- Where do you splurge in your beauty routine

I had a conversation a couple years ago (?)  with a fellow beauty enthusiast (big up yuhself Jodi) who bemoaned her new found love for higher end skincare and makeup. I sympathise.  Everytime I fall in love with a department store brand I can literally see my pocket getting smaller because then I want it all. I’m looking at you Black UP.

Because I am a beauty enthusiast (and beauty hoarder in therapy)  I have tried almost all beauty items in both supermarket/ drugstore brands as well as in higher end versions.

More often than not where I feel as if must have high performance, I find the more pricey products that have been the better performers for me. For me the means for my oily skin to look its best, my liquid foundation, serums, treatments,eyeshadows, masks are the areas where I feel I must shell out my money. When I test these items in drugstore/ supermarket brands, high end brands come out on top each and every single time.

Maybe this isn’t the case with everyone, but i’m guessing if you have oily skin problematic skin like I do, that you might find your self a little less than satisfied with drugstore products in those areas as well.

In contrast there are definitely items from the drugstore that I quite love as well. In general, I find drugstore lipsticks, moisturizers and cleansers (for example ) to be good places to save  a few dollars. Occasionally I may splurge in these categories but by and large, I’m ok with the performance of cheaper alternatives.

Of course I always live in hope that I will discover more budget friendly alternatives than higher priced.. but until then I splurge where I can and cut and contrive where I can

What parts of your beauty regimen, must be high end and which parts are you ok with cutting back on?




Aren’t you tired of me making promises about when I will update the blog?

Me too! unfortunately although  I still have a certain love for blogging, I haven’t been able to keep up a consistent schedule for all types of reasons.

I appreciate those of you who do read and comment (hint) and I understand if my lack of updates and consistency is a pain.

See you next post 🙂







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4 comments on “From Cheap as chips to Expensive and Dear- Where do you splurge in your beauty routine
  1. Lasonta says:

    i like to splurge on skincare but things like lipsticks and mascaras (which have a relatively short shelf life) i will cut back on. Lipsticks from the drug store are pretty good these days so i find myself not splurging in this area recently. One problem with Barbados is that we a) get the items sometimes wayyyyyy after they are released in the US or b) we don’t find them here at all….on that note thanks to all the IG and FB stores that offer reasonable quality brands such as colourpop…good to see you back at blogging

  2. 1reddiva83 says:

    mascara, lipliner, nyx products (especially lipsticks) false eyelashes and makeup wipes, some skincare like cleansers are items that i am willing to go drugstore route. foundations,blush and eyeliner is usually where i try more high end.

  3. stephylately says:

    I definitely splurge on skincare to be honest because the condition of your skin determines how flawless the makeup application will be. A good base results in a flawless look therefore I invest in skincare because drug store beauty products can be used to achieve a similar look to high end products.x

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