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Grow out2017 Resolution… I should probably comb my hair

One of the perks of having really short hair, is that you can generally go with out combing your hair and generally avoid any comments… Those days are gone. I left the house over the weekend with freshly washed but

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Grow out 2017

I’m growing my hair out… Well I think I am, maybe? I’ve been saying that for the past year and it hasn’t happened yet.. I’m determined now though.. mostly because … someone shaded me and said they didn’t think I

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From Cheap as chips to Expensive and Dear- Where do you splurge in your beauty routine

I had a conversation a couple years ago (?)  with a fellow beauty enthusiast (big up yuhself Jodi) who bemoaned her new found love for higher end skincare and makeup. I sympathise.  Everytime I fall in love with a department

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What is the most under hyped item in your makeup collection? -Black UP EyeShadow Palettes

What is the item in your makeup stash that you NEVER hear anyone talking about? In the age of blogs and youtube and social media hype, it seems as if there are only a select few brands that hit the

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A handful of things I learnt while dieting…

Your diet is no one else’s business You are dieting to reach your own goals. Some people may agree or disagree. But it isn’t their business and it doesn’t give them the right to your inner most thoughts on why

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Take Two series: ELF Studio Powder Brush – Fail

So remember when I gave you my mixed review of this ELF brush? here Well the Jury is  in. None of my elf studio powder brushes have survived as of April 15, 2015. R.I.P. One of the two remaining brushes

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When Bad Packaging happens to good Products – Milani Antifeathering Lip liner

The formula on the Milani Antifeathering Lip liner is awesome. It’s formula is neither moisturizing nor drying, and provides you with the slightly tacky finish which grips lip colours and gives you an easier application for your dryer lipsticks. I’m

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How to get the most out of your manicure. – Reader’s question

Dear BajanBeautyBlogger How do you get your your nail colour and manicure to last? My nail polish doesn’t last more than a day! Regards Nearly Nailed Dear Nearly Nailed How long your manicure lasts depends a lot on how often

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March 2015 – Empties Video and 10 days of recompense

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, with out a dope beat to step to.. – Timbaland It’s been a month of Fridays since I last blogged. I kept revisiting my posts and feeling dissatisfied. However I’ve

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How do you apply your foundation/ base? Fingers, brush or sponge.

Everyone has a theory on the best way to apply your foundation to get the perfect ‘flawless’ base. I love the tools I use to apply my makeup almost as much as I like the makeup itself. Or maybe more,

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