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Say what! Tales of a Caribbean Natural – Secondary School edition

When I wrote the first in this series I didn’t even think of the comments that children with natural hair would receive. How very short-sighted of me. Two young ladies were made the subject of a social media storm regarding

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Fundamentals of Skin Care – the principles

Every Friday for the next Month I’m going to be doing post on how to select and and manage your skincare. I’m pretty excited. ( Insert Silly grin) I feel like I need to lay down certain truths about your

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From Beauty shop to Barber shop – Tales of a Caribbean (short haired ) natural

So I cut my hair in June… My afro no longer blows in the wind.   I can no longer do a puff.  Let’s take a moment to reflect on the memories of my ‘fro. From blow outs, to twist

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Rihanna is a badass feminist

This is a post about Rihanna, so there may be both swear words and nudity. CAUTION: NUDITY and potential potty mouth, if you cannot deal with either, please don’t read. If nipples offend you DON’T READ. Don’t go reading this

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Extremely calorie restricted diets and why I hate them.

I don’t believe in diets. In fact, I think that diets are temporary fixes that lead to short–term results, but long–term failures. I believe in lifestyle changes that make you happy and keep you healthy. That said, I do want

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Celebrity Weight and the lies that fuel our disordered eating

Originally posted on Carib Slice:
Caution: This post contains lots of pictures of me in a bikini. ? ? I Google everything— although these days Google is irritating me with their invasive policies—and my dirty secret is that I sometimes…

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So… I’ve been away

Hello blog followers, fashion lovers and makeup mavens, hope everyone is well. I know I have been absent for about six months, I was unwell and when you are feeling like death microwaved it is very hard to get up

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Something’s wrong with Rihanna’s 2012 Vogue cover

Why does my Rhi Rhi look like a zombie and what is wrong with the proportions of her head, neck and shoulders? I can’t quite identify the specifics but there is something wrong here.

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“The Coiffure Project” by American photographer Glenford Nuñez

“Natural beauty is boundless, and now it is a source of endless artistic inspiration and wonder. “I realized there were no real quality portraits of women with natural hair. I was looking to do something different and thought I could have something really special with this project.”

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I love you Miss Ru!

I love you Miss Ru!

No more hiding, no more dumbing down. Rise up & be fierce!

Fierceness is a deliberate decision to be clear, precise & on point

— RuPaul

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