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My current favourite products- September 2015

It’s been a minute since i’ve recorded a video. I’m still trying to get the hangof filming and editing and the whole shabang. But here I am telling you about my favourite beauty products of the moment. See you next

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Fundamentals of Skin Care – Serums.

So we’re back. Finally. I know, it’s been a minute since we visited this series so feel free to get up to speed on the previous posts. So far we have covered: The Principles Cleansers Moisturisers Toners Serums have been

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Olay Dew Over Hydrating Gel Moisturiser – Definite Dew Over

When I bought the Olay DewOver Hydrating Gel, I really dismissed it as just another light weight moisturiser to use on my oily skin. Then over the months I found myself reaching for this product over and over again. By

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Philosophy Resurface the Dual phase Micro Delivery Peel

Since I’ve been turned on to at home peel treatments by Ren , I’ve been trying to broaden my perspective and check out a number of other at home treatments. I picked up the Philosophy Resurface Dual Phase Micro Delivery Peel

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Fundamentals of Skin Care – Moisturiser (including facial oils)

Moisturiser has always been  a skin care product that I have been conflicted about. If you have oily skin like I do, it just seems counterintuitive to add more moisture to your already ‘greasy’ face. I actually became committed to

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Prepping your lips for lipstick especially Matte formulas. – Reader’s question

Dear Bajan Beauty Blogger My lipstick cakes up sometimes, especially the matte ones. It gets dry and then there are little clumps. Regards Chapped in Barbados     Dear Chapped in Barbados Lipsticks can be unforgiving on the lips, especially

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Fundamentals of Skin Care Series – Toner –

I’ve discussed toner on the blog before, and my opinion hasn’t changed that much. you can check out that blog post ——-> here Toner are an excellent and useful delivery method for some types of skin care ‘medications’ but it

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Fundamentals of SkinCare – Cleansers and how to choose one for your skin type.

I’m going to divide cleansers into roughly 4 categories   Category 1. Foaming cleansers – These produce lather and tend to be relatively more drying than the others on this list. Of all skin types Oily skins are the ones

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Fundamentals of Skin Care – the principles

Every Friday for the next Month I’m going to be doing post on how to select and and manage your skincare. I’m pretty excited. ( Insert Silly grin) I feel like I need to lay down certain truths about your

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My Game changers for 2014

    1. This year is the year, I got really real about my skincare. The Ren AHA concentrate and the Radiance Perfecting Serum were a big part of that. The acids in these products were a boon to my

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