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Review – Black Opal True Colour Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation

I haven’t reviewed a Black Opal product in a minute! Which seems kind of wrong considering its pretty much a go to drug store staple for black women. There are very few drugstore foundations that have the colour range for

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Review Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

  I picked up this cleanser because I had a moment where I wondered if as I got older (over 30), I should start trying to use a more gentle cleanser on my face. Let me tell you my expectations,

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Rihanna is a badass feminist

This is a post about Rihanna, so there may be both swear words and nudity. CAUTION: NUDITY and potential potty mouth, if you cannot deal with either, please don’t read. If nipples offend you DON’T READ. Don’t go reading this

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Natural face cleansers

I’ve run out of Ren #1 Purity Balm cleanser. This is crisis on the level of running out of Haagen Das Lemon sorbet at 2am. I’d sprtized my fully done face with my Ben Nye fix this morning and God

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How to make your budget buys look like a million dollars with a few classic investment pieces…and good shoes.

Clothes, I love clothes! Everyone I know complains that it is difficult to get good clothing in Barbados. Cheap clothing is over priced because of the high taxes and well made clothing is simply unreasonable. Who is paying $300 for

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What we did on our Shopping Trip- Frances

Have you ever written a composition for Primary School ‘What we did on our summer vacation?’ You know, where you recount all the truly awesome things that you did while away from school. Well here I’ll tell you all the

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars, old and new.

So, as you may have guessed from yesterdays post, I’m a bit of an OCC Lip Tar addict, I love the stuff! It is great for mixing up colours and it has the staying power of a black Sharpie marker

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I never used to be a big lipstick freak, I always thought that lipstick maybe just wasn’t for me, I stuck stubbornly to glosses, lip balms and chapstick mixed with lipstains, that is until recently, recently I discovered that perhaps

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What to wear to a meeting with creative folk Part 2

Dressing for meetings can be a challenge if your job is filled with all types of clients, some days I can wear jeans to work and some days I have to look like I work at Vogue, most days it

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5 tips for surviving airline travel

Traveling can be rough on your skin. To counter the effects of substantial amounts of time spent breathing dry pressurised air I have a few tricks. 1. Suck down water like a dromedary in the desert for several days before

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